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PDG offers an amazing and unique music education opportunity to all music lovers….in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Registration is absolutely free.

Serving over 230 students since 2007, PDG has helped make music education a possibility for many.

PDG is determined to work with each students learning style. PDG is sensitive to the music desires and interests of each student. We will also take the necessary time to make sure we include the important fundamentals of music theory. This also helps each student to know why and how music is what music is. We are confident in our ability to help our students and interns grow musically by reaching their musical potential. How? …by setting achievable goals…one step at a time.

Also, we have discovered PDG students and parents enjoy our flexibility.

Learn to play the songs you like!

Learn step by step with patient, understanding instruction how to read music, play chords and rhythms, write music, and play music with others.

Learn to jam.

Whether you want your child to benefit from the early disciplines of practice and music appreciation, or…YOU want to pick up where you left off (20 years ago…or more, right?), the joy of music is truly priceless.


Read what others have to say about PDG Unique Music Education:

“What I like about my PDG instructor is that he goes at your pace and he encourages you to work through tough parts. He makes suggestions about what you should practice more; such as rhythm, a certain exercise,  etc.  Next lesson he asks you what you did work on and then he goes from there.  My instructor is very patient and calm.” – Teenage Guitar Student

“It’s been fun to see my son learn more about the drums. Our PDG instructor is very patient and kind.” –Drum Student Mom

“My son starting taking piano lessons with a family friend who is also a part-time piano teacher. She was a good teacher and my son learned a lot from her.  However, playing the piano never really clicked with my son and we struggled to get him to practice and take piano lessons seriously.  One day my son asked if he could switch piano teachers.  I was very hesitant at first but I knew that he was not happy with the way things were going with his original teacher.  I decided to give PDG a chance.  Since starting lessons through PDG, my son has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and desire for learning the piano.  He practices nearly every day on his own and actually looks forward to his Wednesday lessons.  My son has grown to really like and respect his piano teacher and now plans to continue taking lessons for a long time.” -Piano Student Dad

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You could get started right now with PDG’s  free introductory and beginner online music theory lessons!

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