Music Lessons

Music lessons are fun.

They really are.

An old man who sat in a cathedral playing the organ? It was the end of the day and the setting sun shining through the beautiful stained glass window gave the old man an angelic appearance. He was a skilled organist playing sad and melancholy songs because he was being replaced by a younger man.

At dusk, the young man rather brusquely stepped in the back door of the cathedral. The old man noticed his entrance and removed the key from the organ, put it in his pocket and slowly made his way to the back of the cathedral . as the old man drew abreast of him, the younger man extended his hand to him saying, “Please, the key.” The old man took the key out of his pocket and gave it the young man who hurriedly walked to the organ. He paused for a brief moment, sat down at the bench, inserted the key and started to play.

The old man had played beautifully and skillfully but the young man played with sheered genius. Music such as the world had never heard came from the organ. It filled the cathedral, the town, and the countryside. This was the world’s first exposure to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The old, with tears streaming down his cheeks, said, “Suppose just suppose I had not given the master the key.”

Music lessons are about transferring the gift of music from one person. Music lessons are all about helping others find some fulfillment and enjoyment in the creative gift which has been

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