Policy & Program Fees

Affordable Music Lessons

Each student receives individual music guidance, coaching, and training from experienced working musicians. Not all students are the same. Our instructors make a point to discover the level and learning style of each student.

We offer lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We also offer lessons via Skype and Studio Rooms when available.

You come to me = $99 per month (this includes four 30 minute-lessons per month)
I come to you = $115 per month (this includes four 30 minute-lessons per month)
You come to me = $190 per month (this includes four one-hour lessons per month)
I come to you = $205 per month (this includes four one-hour lessons per month)



Once enrolled, music lesson payments are due on the First Lesson of each month. There are no refunds or credits issued. There is a late fee of $10. We accept cash and Credit/Debit Cards. We also offer the option of online.


In order to provide local communities with sponsored music education services, PDG is accepting donations, sponsorship, and grants to provide goodwill financial assistance opportunities to qualified applicants! You can help make music education affordable for those who may need help.


Let’s face it, time is valuable. Our time proves to be very scheduled. Family time is important! As such, it is very inconvenient to make up lessons during the week, so PDG will ONLY reschedule a make-up lesson when we are unable to meet a scheduled appointment. PDG reserves the fifth weekday of each month for make-up lessons. PDG does not hold regularly scheduled lessons this fifth weekday of the month. Also, please note the dates the PDG studios are closed:

  • News Years Day -January 1
  • Valentines Day -February 14
  • Memorial Day -May 27
  • Independence Day -July 4
  • Labor Day -September 2
  • Thanksgiving Day -November 28
  • Christmas Day -December 25


PDG provide a service that requires commitment. Your commitment ensures the seriousness of growth and development that is necessary for achievement. Please give yourself at least four days each week for practice and spend at least twenty minutes each time you practice. Relax. Also, avoid stress and anxiety by playing what you want. Leave the ‘hard stuff’ for lessons…that is what they are for.

We suggest practicing/playing at least one twenty-minute session a day for at least four of the seven days of each week.


Please make sure you are prepared for your lesson. It’s not productive to spend 10 minutes of your lesson tuning your guitar. Be ready with your books. Review the assignments written in your notebook.

PDG holds the right to allow exceptions to our policy based on any given individual situation and our discretion. By registering with PDG, you agree to read and accept the terms of our current working policy found on the PianoDrumsGuitar.com website. By registering with PDG you agree to the following disclaimer: PDG and/or any of its contracted instructors can not be held liable for any type of injury during scheduled lesson times and PDG is not liable for any injury or accident taking place on designated properties. Upon consent, PDG reserves the right to record audio and video segments during lessons for the intended purpose of online instruction and promotion.