*PianoDrumsGuitar was founded in 2007 by Jay Bryan Sandifer.

Here are a few PDG Stats:

  • PDG currently has served over 222 students with over 41 students actively enrolled in the Stevens Point program.
  • PDG offers a Student Instructor Program. This program gives qualified students a chance to teach beginner lessons at an affordable fee to first-time music students.
  • PDG also has a Scholarship Fund available for qualified students. The fund helps subsidize underprivileged as well as special needs situations students.

Question: What makes the PDG music education unique?
Answer: This program recognizes the differences in each student and chooses not force a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all method for instruction. PDG takes the time to find what works best for each student. Relationships are very important. We believe positive mentoring and coaching by qualified instructors are essential for each student to value, enjoy and fully benefit from music education and appreciation. The PDG approach incorporates the values and ethics of ministry by honoring the standard of truth.

Question: How do I partner with PDG?
Answer: There are a few ways to partner with PDG:

  • Give money: Your tax-deductible contributions are a very necessary and powerful way to partner with PDG. These contributions and donations can be one time gifts, or weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly pledges.
  • Give stuff: Any and all new and used musical instruments and accessories are always in demand. PDG purposes to offer the best with the best and you can help.
  • You also may consider sponsoring a student
  • Show your social media support to others: affiliate, like, follow, share,  and comment thru all social media profiles. PianoDrumsGuitar can be found on most of the major social networks including: Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, as well as a few others…

Question: How do I sponsor a student?
Answer: A sponsored student is one who completes an application submitted for approval to the PDG Planning Board. This sponsorship subsidizes program fees for the approved applicant. Also, because we are partnered with two music schools in the developing nation of Ghana, there is an opportunity to sponsor students in Ghana. Please contact 715-340-4499 for more information regarding sponsorship.