Student and Parent Testimonies

Hear what others say about PianoDrumsGuitar Music Lessons:

“My daughter is a 4year old beginner piano girl. I feel her her instructor took a very great approach. He was very welcoming and accommodating to having her feel safe and secure. He is positive and keeps her focused. My daughter is always very excited to go to her lessons.” -Piano Student Mom

“Anna really has a good time at lessons and for us… we are thrilled, because she is developing an appreciation for music. She associates it with something pleasant.  This will be a lifelong feeling for her.  For that, we are truly appreciative of PDG!  We have been through so many music teachers that our kids didn’t necessarily dislike, but they dreaded going to lessons nevertheless…that is definitely not the case now. Anna is doing well in band at school too and is getting to play some of the more difficult percussion pieces.  She has the confidence to be able to do that, and again, we attribute this to your patience and help.” -Music Student Mom

“My son is a pre-teen, which is a difficult age for most everything in life. We are pleased that he is having a positive experience with music through his lessons. works with him on music that interests him, while still covering the basics. My son has gone to his piano lesson with a poor attitude about something that happened in his day and came of the lesson singing & happy!” -Piano Student Mom

“Thank you PDG for the awesome guitar lesson! Brandon has been carrying his guitar around the house ever since we came home yesterday. He is thrilled with his ability to play one note and already has $5.00 saved towards his electric guitar. “-Guitar Student Mom

“I’ve been playing a ton ever since I stopped into your place. Easily several hours a week. It’s a total blast and seems so healthy. I’m actually going into a studio to record a few tracks that I wrote next week. Thanks for getting me started man! ” –Acoustic Guitar Student

“Things are going well with Ellen. This is the first time she expresses true excitement about piano lessons. She goes to the piano and plays for long periods without any words from Bruce or I. I think she is really enjoying the flexibility to play some things that she wanted to learn. There is absolutely no push-back to go to lessons either, even when there was a football game to contend with. Amazing. Our goal is for both of the girls to enjoy music and make it a part of their lives. Whatever is doing, keep it up because both of our girls are truly enjoying their time during lessons. Next on our agenda is to build Anna a stage for her new (used) drum set. I’m hoping to possibly get Ellen an electronic keyboard someday as well. We are setting up our former exercise/fitness room as our new music room. “ -Piano and Drum Student Mom

“My daughter has been begging for piano lessons for some time now and I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find the right instructor. I wanted it to be fun and allow her to be creative. I also wanted her to understand basic music theory in a way that made her say, “Wow, that’s cool!” – and is making that happen. is so patient with her and has the ability to merge her back on the right track in a positive way when she gets distracted. Being involved in her lessons has definitely given me some tips on how to keep her focused during practice time at home – which she seriously looks forward to! We definitely feel as though we get our money’s worth.” -Piano Student Mom

“As a relative beginner, I feel as though has always met and attended to my personal needs relative to learning and practicing percussion. Their knowledge, expertise, and willingness to share their musical talents are all assets to their teaching abilities. I feel inspired to continue practicing and learning percussion through expert guidance and enthusiasm. is also very flexible around scheduling.” -Djembe Hand Drum Student

“Our three children (ages 11, 10, and 8) have taken guitar, drums and piano, respectively for the past several months. All three have different temperaments and learning styles, and yet each relate equally well to the relaxed teaching style. is able to find a wonderful balance of teaching cool music and fun techniques while emphasizing the importance of classic fundamentals. We all find our visits to be exceptionally comfortable, welcoming and “homey.” While practicing instruments at home remains a dreaded chore, coming to music lessons is considered a treat.” – Piano, Drum Guitar Student Mom

“My son, Michael, has been taking guitar lessons (regular guitar and bass guitar) for over a year and a half now and looks forward to his lesson every week. has been able to teach him many different techniques using music that Michael loves. This makes him want to learn that much more. He is always picking away at his guitar here at home and I know it’s because of the teaching style!! The unique teaching style and ability to target his lessons to the individual is very impressive and well worth the investment.” -Guitar Student Mom

“Learning to play an instrument has simply been nothing but fun and exciting.’s smart and solid methods make each meeting something to look forward to and I never leave without the feeling that I got more than my money’s worth. Playing music at is done in a very enjoyable environment that really promotes the learning and loving of music.” -College age guitar student

“I would like to thank you for your time and flexibility you have given to us when having piano lessons. Both girls have grown so much in learning piano. Our family has always enjoyed going to their lessons each week. It has been a great experience for all of us.” -The Langeberg Family, piano students

“Hello, I’m Gary and I’ve been taking guitar and piano lessons since September 2008. This amounts to approximately thirty hours of lessons. All my life I wanted to learn more about music but my railroad occupation prevented me from finding time. Well, I retired and in less than a year I’ve learned more about music than I ever knew before. uses professional musician for instructors. Their patience and skills are remarkable….I highly recommend for music lessons. If you, a family member, young or old want to learn a musical skill give them a try. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.” -Adult guitar and piano student

“PDG has been a great experience for both of my boys.  One has been playing guitar for over 6 years.. and the other has been playing piano for over 7 years.  Last November they were begging me to quit music all together… they were frustrated and basically had to be drug to lessons.  Even getting them to practice was a war.  They were just feeling to much pressure for perfection. Then we found PDG.  They started lessons in January and seem to enjoy music again.  It is not so structured that they feel stressed… its a relaxed environment that allows them to not only be boys… but to play music they want to play and learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. They can have fun with it and it does not feel like a job.   As a parent and a busy farmer who does not live in town… PDG has made it easy to fit their lessons into my schedule.    I also feel that their instructor is a positive role model for both my boys not only in music but also in his Christian beliefs.  Music lessons with PianoDrumsGuitar has been a great experience all the way around.” -Music Lessons Mom

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