Vision, Mission, Purpose

PDG Vision Statement

  • Helping people feel confident in their ability to listen to, Understand and play music.

PDG Mission Statement

  • Serving effective music education programs to local communities and social groups.

These people received a practical music theory class with the generous donation of Steve Bowersox and his Music Theory Workbooks


  • To offer music education to low-income and special needs families, qualified students, and communities who may not otherwise have an opportunity to develop their music gift in a nurturing and accountable environment.
  • To locate talented students who demonstrate potential in music and help each student succeed in personal music development by walking with them through instruction, mentoring, and coaching.
  • To give qualified underemployed musicians an opportunity to grow in their experience by offering teaching and instruction opportunities.
  • To boost the morale and confidence of aspiring music instructors who are looking to make a positive impact through music mentoring and coaching.
  • To afford students and instructors the satisfaction and personal reward of developing a basic, yet solid foundation for any career in Music Education or the Music Performance Industry.
  • To provide life changing memorable individual/group lessons, classes, workshops, seminars, recitals, programs and events that support growth in the arts and its impact on a community.
  • To create positive arts educational change within local communities by providing a uniquely qualified music education program.
  • To pursue positive and healthy relationships with other local music studios, instructors, and music instrument retail businesses.
  • To establish cutting edge music schools and education centers in developing nations.